Happy National Day!

Everyone please go wish Sultan Qaboos a happy birthday!! Write on his Facebook wall, send him a card or whatever you want! He really loves hearing from the public. 🙂

Just kidding, but it is his birthday today and in honor of that it is also Oman’s national day. Today marks the 43rd year since the Sultan came to power and people here get very excited about it. About two weeks ago we started seeing cars painted in Omani colors (red, green and white) and now everywhere you turn there are stickers, flags, balloons and photos of the Sultan.

Students usually have large celebrations at school and dress up in Omani colors. We  decided to follow this tradition (to the best of our ability) and dressed up in green, red and white. We also visited the Muscat Bank headquarters which is right down the road from our school building because they were having lots of celebrations during the work day. They had decorated the whole building with balloons and flags and there was a performance by a traditional Omani music and dance group which was a lot of fun to see. Funny enough they were playing bagpipes which seems out of place but is actually very common in Omani music.

Here are a few photos from today:

photo 2

Liz, me, Mac and Rachel in front of the balloon display at Bank Muscat. Today marks the 43rd anniversary of the Sultan’s rule.


The Omani dance group performing outside of Bank Muscat. The men are wearing traditional dishdashas. They are from a region in the south of Oman.


The front page of the Times of Oman today.


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