In The Home Stretch

A few days ago I updated my countdown widget so that instead of it saying when I would leave the US it is now counting down to the day when I leave Oman. It’s currently at 16 and I honestly cannot believe it! I’m of course thrilled to be going back to the US and seeing my family and friends (and just as important is Chipotle and Georgetown Cupcake) but I also can’t imagine waking up and not being in my room here or going to Arabic class at AMIDEAST. One of my biggest worries before coming here was that mid-way through I would get homesick and wonder what in the world I was doing half-way across the world. I have definitely had those moments but I’ve been more surprised at how fast everything has gone by – it seems like just a few days ago that I was celebrating my first Eid or going to Christmas Mass and now I have to start thinking about how I’m going to fit all the dates and Chips Oman in my suitcase along with my abaya and Omani dresses.

I’ve been inspired by my friend Liz who has decided to post one blog post a day until we leave so I will attempt to do that as well. I have a whole list of things that I’ve been meaning to write about so maybe I can use this opportunity to catch up on some topics. I know this is an ambitious claim considering my recent posting patterns but I’ll try!

To start off let me fill you in with a little bit more about what I did over break when my American family was here. We went to a lot of the common tourist sites in Oman such as Wahaiba sands, the Grand Mosque, Muttrah  souq, Jebel Shams and Nizwa fort which were all a lot of fun and even though I had already been to all those places it was fun to see them again after having been in Oman for longer. I definitely saw a lot of places differently, especially as I could understand a lot more of what the people around me were saying!

The trip wasn’t the usual tourist trip for my family because they also spent a lot of time with my host family and we did a lot of “untouristy” things like have lunch at my house and there was even a big family wedding that my mom and sister got to go to! It was great for them to get to see what weddings here are really like and my extended family was also very excited to meet them.

One of my aunts remarked to me that they had the same facial expressions I had when I went to my first Omani wedding. After she mentioned it I realized it was really true – they had the same looks of being in awe, overwhelmed and trying not to miss a single detail that I had when I first got here. Seeing them really made me realize how much I’ve grown to be at home here and how natural many of these situations feel to me now. Although no matter how comfortable I feel or how hard I try I will always stand out and be at least somewhat awkward. But I think that just comes with the exchange student territory.





3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alon Vogel
    May 07, 2014 @ 13:45:54

    I’ve loved experiencing your adventures through your blogging. Just had Shabbat dinner at your “American house” last Friday . . . Looking forward to you being there for the next one! Enjoy your final days in Oman!


  2. AHI
    May 07, 2014 @ 20:05:11

    Miriam. As I fly fish in the Everglades I can’t help but think of the once in a lifetime experience you have had. Thanks for involving others thru your fabulous blog. Love. Fishin’ Poppa


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