Muhammed: The One and Only

Muhammed: The One and Only

There are a lot of people that have had undeniable influences on my exchange but one person who I just have to highlight is my bus driver, Muhammed. He is the most emotional (as in angers easily) Omani I’ve met and his enthusiasm for learning English words is almost overwhelming. He has been driving us from the beginning of the year and part of the way I’ve been able to measure my progress in Arabic is by how much of his ramblings I can understand. The first time I had a proper conversation with him, I think some time in November or December, was one of my proudest moments in Oman and I feel like learning to understand his accent will definitely help me in the future when I meet Arabic speakers from different countries. Seeing him on such a regular basis for so long is going to make it very hard to leave. I’ve actually taken a few videos of him speaking for those moments in the US when I’m driving myself and missing him yelling “sleeping, sleeping?!” at whoever we just picked up who took two minutes to get out to the car. This photo was taken when he was picking us up from the wedding of an AMIDEAST staff member. From left is Lydia, Kirby, Me, Muhammed and Miriam



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