A Day In The Life

The view from the porch of my house

The view from the porch of my house

Although I mostly post on this blog about all the exciting things I do there is quite a lot of time spent just in a regular going-to-school routine.


7:00 am: Wake up and get ready for school. Everyone in my host family has already left for the day so I have the house to myself for a bit – except for my little brother Tariq and our housemaid.

8:45 am: Arrive at school after picking up the other students. Catch up on all the Internet happenings I’ve missed since the last day.

9:00 am: Arabic class. Six very excited Americans and one unflappable Jordanian in a room together for two hours. We get called “strange” by our teacher at least once every ten minutes but somehow manage to learn a few things about the subjunctive.

11:15 am: Free time, which is mostly spent procrastinating homework and waiting for lunch to be delivered. Or writing blog posts J

12:45 pm: Lunch time!! We probably get more excited than we should considering the food is never all that good but sometimes there are cinnamon rolls and that makes up for everything.

1:30 – 5:30: pm This time gets confusing because we have different classes every afternoon and the timings tend to change quite a bit so we’re never totally sure where and when we are supposed to be. Some of the possibilities are Omani Colloquial Arabic class where we learn old slang words to embarrass ourselves with in front of our host families; Language Partners where we meet with Omani college graduates and have them explain to us anything from the intricacies of choosing the right dishdasha to what our homework means; Middle Eastern History class which we take with the YES students and in between discussions about the decline of the Ottomans or Gamel Abdul Nasser listen to stories of how our teacher pranked all of his college roommates; and finally Women’s Studies class where we learn about the politics of the hijab and compare experiences we’ve had since coming to Oman.

5:45-7:45 pm: Depending on the day I spend anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours on the bus on the way home. This is largely in part to the fact that we drop off about 7 people every day, one of whom lives in a small suburb village of Muscat on a mountain that takes almost an hour to get to round trip. It’s a bit of a drag but we’ve found ways to make it not so boring. And I’ve discovered many interesting podcasts!

8:00 pm: Arrive home, spend time with my host family and finish the homework that I procrastinated doing all day. Have dinner and watch dutifully as my little siblings show me how they still know how to jump off the couch or eat French fries. It’s amazing how talented they are!


So there you have it, a summary of an average day! Not terribly exciting but it’s nice to be in a place so long that you develop a routine. And now that I have limited time left I’m trying to take advantage to even the most boring of days.


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  1. Allen Israel
    May 12, 2014 @ 12:41:22

    Now I understand how you spend your day!! Want to hear how I spend mine???
    Best told in person which I hope is very very soon.
    Your day sounds like a mix between productive and “other” activities.


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