In Oman Video

My friend Liz sent me this video today and although I had a different blog post planned I loved this video so much that I decided to rearrange. I don’t really know a ton about the guy who made this but he does an excellent job showcasing the beauty, and diversity, of Oman’s geography. It’s not every day that I find viral videos about the Persian gulf and this one is a great summary of a lot of what I love about Oman. I also like how he’s mixed the traditional sights and sounds with more modern adventure shots. I’ve been to almost every place featured in the video which was an exciting thing to realize! I hope you all enjoy it 🙂



Kept Out in the Cold — بارد جدا

About a month ago Disney released its latest animated film, Frozen, which became an instant hit and has been praised, especially by feminists, for being one of the most progressive Disney movies ever. My friends and I saw it in theaters here and were instantly taken with it. The music is fantastic, aided by the fact that the cast is full of Broadway stars with amazing voices. The most famous song, Let It Go sung by Idina Menzel (of Wicked fame) has received critical acclaim and was even nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars. I am unashamed to admit that I know all the words and was very excited when I saw this clip of it being sung in 25 different languages. For a group of language nerds who also love Disney this seemed like the greatest thing since learning how to conjugate in the past tense! However we were all very disappointed when we watched it and saw that Arabic had been completely left out of the song. As one of the top ten most commonly spoken languages in the world and whose speakers are located all over the globe it seems like it shouldn’t be hard to find a place for it in those 25 languages. I have nothing against any of the languages in the video but I don’t entirely understand why there are several dialects of both French and Spanish along with some much less commonly spoken European languages like Finnish, Flemish and Serbian. Leaving out such a significant population of the world detracts from the videos all-encompassing, global effect. Unfortunately I don’t know if our language, or singing skills are up to the task of translating and recording our own version but if anyone out there is willing to try I promise it would be much appreciated!


Jingle Bells?

In honor of Christmas here is a video that we watched in class by a very famous Arab singer, Fairouz. She is a Lebanese Christian and did an Arabic cover of Jingle Bells. Although her deadpan expression is slightly creepy, I thought it was cool that there were Christmas songs in Arabic, seeing as there aren’t that many Arabic-speaking Christians. The song isn’t a direct translation, the title ‘Leilat Eid” means night of celebration and her lyrics are different as well. But in case you were looking for a more original holiday song, here you go!

Also, we are off school for our Winter Break all of next week so I probably won’t be posting since I won’t have Internet.

Happy Holidays everyone!



Not only is this a great Thanksgivukkah parody of an excellent song but the song’s title is especially apt over here in the Gulf. The phrase “we’ll always have oil” strikes close to home around here and although this video isn’t talking about that type of oil, I thought it deserved highlighting. Enjoy! 🙂


Hopeless Wanderer

Music video by Mumford and Sons. It fits the travel theme and is completely hilarious